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Recently, you may have noticed in the news media stories pertaining to “Pocket Listings.” Sometimes referred to as Confidential Listings, these listing are growing in popularity, especially in regard to homes positioned in the upper end of the marketplace. For someone searching for a highly specialized property, or someone desiring to sell one, for several reasons this maybe a route to consider.

From the Seller’s perspective, because there are few buyers that may be able to financially afford their offering, finding a qualified buyer may take additional time. Professionals know that it rarely benefits a Seller to have their offering linger on the market. Additionally, utilizing a Realtor that is well versed in the business of luxury property,

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The Southern Part of Heaven  

Recently, Garden and Gun Magazine ran an article focusing on The Southern Part of Heaven.

An Excerpt from this piece reads: “To my mind, Chapel Hill’s highest virtue is not its brittle preoccupations with sports or provincial tradition but the limberness of the place. It is a Shangri-la of indeterminacy: neither fusty Old South sanctum nor soulless New South suburb, neither metropolis nor boondocks. To live easefully in New York or New Orleans, one must strive to be a New Yorker or a New Orleanian. In Chapel Hill, a town too genial to demand much of its people, one can simply be.”

Many people comment on the character and the characters of Chapel Hill, and how this small town has touched so many lives. It’s a place where dreams are

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Recently, The National Trust for Historic Preservation named Chapel Hill as one of its DOZEN DISTINCTIVE DESTINATIONS, and the honor was not a surprise to anyone familiar with the Southern Part of Heaven.

According to the Chapel Hill News, “Chapel Hill was selected for its charm, cultural offerings and dedication to protecting its heritage.” John Hildreth, Director of the Southern Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation stated “Chapel Hill is the perfect place for travelers looking for a truly distinctive destination.”

The university campus sparked the development of the town. In truth, a portion of the university property was severed into lots designated for business use and the proceeds were utilized to build the first state

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Bluestone Court in Orange County
Bluestone Court in Orange County

On the market for seven years, the Fleur-de-Lys Estate has become the most expensive residential property EVER to sell in Los Angeles County. Listed for sale at $125,000,000, the California estate was purchased by a Frenchman for $102 million. How does this sale compare with successful Triangle estate transactions?

Considering transactions over the last twenty-five years, Wake County dominates the list with 75 estates being sold in the price range above $2 million; 9 estates sold above $3 million; and 2 estates above $4 million. Orange County is a distant second with 15 estates selling above $2 million; and 2 estates above $4 million. Chatham County has experienced 12 successful transactions above $2 million;

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Location has always been the primary factor in the purchase of every category of real estate. However, with regard to estate properties, the concept of location also takes into account important lifestyle desires. Estates in North Carolina are no exception. Oceanfront, waterfront, riverfront, mountaintop and even dynamic view shed locations such as golf course; farmland, woodland and the like contribute to the desirability equation. Lifestyle plays an important role in the decision process, yet with the ever-changing global economy, the rising star in the estate property purchase decision is return on investment. Even if the property is not purchased with the intent to be sold, such as is the case with legacy properties, estate purchasers consider

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