The Southern Part of Heaven

Posted by Owen Gwyn on Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 6:51pm.

The Southern Part of Heaven

Recently, Garden and Gun Magazine ran an article focusing on The Southern Part of Heaven.

An Excerpt from this piece reads: “To my mind, Chapel Hill’s highest virtue is not its brittle preoccupations with sports or provincial tradition but the limberness of the place. It is a Shangri-la of indeterminacy: neither fusty Old South sanctum nor soulless New South suburb, neither metropolis nor boondocks. To live easefully in New York or New Orleans, one must strive to be a New Yorker or a New Orleanian. In Chapel Hill, a town too genial to demand much of its people, one can simply be.”

Many people comment on the character and the characters of Chapel Hill, and how this small town has touched so many lives. It’s a place where dreams are incubated, and dreamers are empowered to reach for the stars. It is a prefect place to grow up; a perfect place to be educated, and a perfect place to retire. When folks ask me about it, I reply that “I found my thrill in Chapel Hill!.”

Owen Gwyn

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